Feel the Beat

Feel the Beat is a dance outreach program through the Colorado Hip Hop Collective organized by Kollette Plummer and Alex Milewski.

  • Kollette Plummer

    is a lifelong dancer and Fort Morgan Native looking to share her passion for dance with young people in Fort Morgan who might not have access to it otherwise.

  • Alex Milewski

    is a professional dancer and educator looking to share his Love for dance and inspire communities.

Our mission 

Feel the Beat promotes physical and mental health by bringing confidence, creativity and community to disadvantaged youth through dance and movement education. 

Our programs

Columbine Elementary 

We have been teaching after school dance at Columbine elementary every week since September 1st, 2021 with our amazing faculty sponsor: Karen Garcia. We have 60 kids involved with the program and teach 3 different sections.  

Fort Morgan Middle School

In January of this year, we started teaching a program at the Middle school as well. Registration for this program was lower than Columbine, but we still have a small group (5-8) of students who are interested in learning each week. We are excited to get the middle school program up and running since many of the 5th grade students from Columbine will be going there next year. These 5th graders are the backbone of the class at Columbine: not only do they practice at home and get better each week, they also help run the class and teach the other students with us each week. Each 5th grader has a small “crew” of 2-4 younger students that they work with in class each week. 

ELC Community Complex

Every Thursday we teach a free open class at the eLc community complex from 4:30-5:30pm, and host an open session after that. So far, we have had 8-15 kids attend each week from around Fort Morgan, Brush and Wiggins. Ages range from 5-14 years old. While we are not affiliated with the church, we greatly appreciate their generous support by allowing us to use their space free of charge each week. 

Green Acres

We are currently working to get an after school program going at Green Acres, we are just searching for a faculty member who is available to sponsor the program every week.